Travel and booking conditions

Open Shores Saimaa has ensured its customers with liability insurance. Liability insurance is a security when the company’s operations cause personal injury or damage to the property of the customer. The tour operator is only liable for injuries or material damage to the customer if they have occurred during the trip due to the negligence (breach of a duty of care which results in damage. ) of the tour operator.

The customer is liable for all other damages to the person and luggage. As a result, the customer must obtain their travel insurance valid during the trip, covering the security of both the person and the property.

Verifying the coverage of insurance coverage on certain trips is especially important. You may need insurance for your trip, which covers not only activities provided by the tour operator. If there is any doubt whether the travel insurance is sufficient, you must submit the travel program to the insurance company for approval before the start of the trip. When taking out travel insurance, we also recommend obtaining insurance that includes cancellation insurance. The tour operator is not responsible for the insurance required by the passenger and its coverage.


Travel booking is made via the booking link on the website. The passenger must inform the tour operator of their contact details before and during the trip.

Advance payment: All trips require a booking fee. For these trips, the customer is obliged to pay a booking fee when registering for the trip. An invoice for the booking fee will be sent to the customer’s email within a couple of days of registration. The reservation is binding and the booking fee will not be refunded if the customer cancels the trip.

The full fee will be paid on-site before the tour starts with a credit/bank card.


Cancellation must be notified to the tour operator without undue delay in writing by e-mail to or
A delay on the customer’s part does not justify the return or reorganization of the program. Hence the customer is strongly advised to be at the starting point well in advance of the start of the program.

The cancellation date is the day on which the organizer has received written notice of the cancellation from the customer. Booking fees are non-refundable.

If the sudden illness, injury, or death of a close relative or travel party may result in cancellation, it is a good idea to make sure in advance that your travel insurance covers the cost of the booking fee.

The customer is obliged to be on time according to the schedule of the program.

The tour operator has the right to cancel the trip if there are not enough participants. It is the right of the tour operator to decide the minimum amount required for each trip. The cancellation must be notified to the customer as soon as possible, taking into account the destination and length of the trip. If the tour operator cancels the trip, the tour operator must refund the booking fee for the customer no later than 14 days after the cancellation of the contract.

Pandemic / epidemic / Coronavirus

We monitor the coronavirus situation and always follow the restrictions, instructions and recommendations of the authorities. We observe and implement distance and hygiene instructions. If you have had any covid-19 symptoms or knowledge of possible exposure before you leave, you should refrain from traveling.

If the trip has to be canceled by the tour operator due to a coronavirus situation and/or official recommendations, we will refund the booking fee.

A trip canceled due to COVID-19 illness or official quarantine entitles the customer to postpone the same trip to another time without change. If the trip is not available during the next 12 months, you are entitled to a full refund of the booking fee.
The tour operator may also have to cancel the trip before the start of the trip due to force majeure. Force majeure can be, for example, a natural disaster, a hurricane, a strike or a breakdown in road traffic, an epidemic/pandemic.

Due to force majeure, the cancellation (by email or phone call) of the trip entitles the customer to cancel their participation in the trip or to postpone the trip to another time during the next 12 months, if available.


The contents and prices of the trip can be viewed on the website. We reserve the right to change prices after booking.

The tour operator has the right to make changes to the schedules and travel plans, for example, due to changes in weather conditions. If the trip is interrupted by the customer’s decision, injury, or accident not responsible by the tour operator, the tour operator is not obliged to pay compensation.

If the customer interrupts the trip, the written notice must be sent immediately by e-mail to:


The customer is responsible for their health when participating in the trip. The effect of the conditions of the trip (physical exertion, conditions in nature and on the water, etc.) should be considered in advance and the departure of the trip should be discussed with your doctor if in doubt. The tourist is also responsible for their medication. It is a good idea to inform the tour operator/captain of any underlying conditions (diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, etc.)


The prices of group trips include the tour services according to the travel programs in the travel descriptions on our website. Our travel prices never include flights to Finland.


The agreement will be complied with on both sides and the ambiguities will initially be resolved through negotiations between the parties. In the event of disagreement, the consumer may be in contact with consumer advice. A dispute concerning the contract may be referred to the Consumer Disputes Board.

The provisions of the Consumer Protection Act apply to the activities. Open Shores Saimaa is responsible for ensuring that the service provided is secure.

For all of us to have a successful and comfortable trip, it’s recommended that you visit Tukes’ text on the following link:


Travel organizers must deposit security which makes it possible for passengers to get back an advance payment (booking fee) they made for a travel package if the organizer becomes insolvent. The security must also cover the costs of the passengers’ travel back home, even if no charges for it had been collected before the start of The legislation on travel packages defines when tourist services are a travel package, or linked travel arrangements.

The Act refers to travel packages and linked travel arrangements collectively as a travel service combination. In non-technical language, a travel package refers to both types of arrangements.

The obligation to deposit a security concerns travel organizers who collect advance payments from travelers, or whose travel packages include transport. An organizer who must deposit security must register with the Travel Guarantee Register maintained by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. Travel organizers entered in the register are charged an annual supervision and insolvency protection fee.

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