Lake Saimaa truly is the hidden pearl of Nordics

Polaris 1 drone shot ©Fabian Schönenberger

Lake Saimaa is very unique situated in the middle of the lake district in Finland. Our county is one the safest countries in the world, has more than 180’000 lakes and 73% of the country is covered by boreal woodland. 

Summer is the best time to visit Lake Saimaa when the sun hardly ever sets down. Saimaa is very peaceful and rich in wildlife. Our company Open Shores Saimaa is happy to be part of cruising around these pristine waters as sustainable way as we can. 

For example, our customers can visit 2 different national parks, enjoy city hopping, island hopping, and even have a chance to spot a rare Saimaa ringed seal. 

You can find plenty of information about lake Saimaa online, but we have gathered some useful links for your appetite including various cities at Lake Saimaa, national parks, and an info package about the ringed seal. 

Lake Saimaa is still fairly unknown worldwide which is making it an even more exciting location to visit. Nordic lifestyle, clean air, unspoiled nature, friendly people, and an extremely safe country are clear choices for a peaceful holiday.

Useful links from our tour locations:
National Park Linnansaari
National Park Kolovesi

Visit Savonlinna nature, hiking, and national parks

Pisamalahti Hillfort
Saimaa Geopark Pisamalahti

Visit Lappeenranta
Visit Savonlinna
Visit Puumala

Saimaa ringed seal

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