Lake Saimaa truly is the hidden pearl of Nordics

Polaris 1 drone shot ©Fabian Schönenberger

Lake Saimaa is very unique situated in the middle of the lake district in Finland. Our county is one the safest countries in the world, has more than 180’000 lakes and 73% of the country is covered by boreal woodland.  Summer is the best time to visit Lake Saimaa when the sun hardly ever sets […]

Our Boat

Polaris 1 © Matti Keltanen

Polaris 1 has sleeping quarters for 8 people in comfortable bunk beds in 4 separate 2 person cabins and the capacity can be increased to 10 people but at the expense of the common areas. The ship has a sauna, shower and toilet (another one is planned). The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, […]